Changes name of important countries & major Grasslands of the world |Gk rlearn


     Australia ➙ Dawns

     North America ➙Prairies

     Africa ➙ Savannah

Soth America (Argentina & Uruguay) ➙Pampas

    South America ➙ Selvas

    Europe & Northern Asia ➙ Stepps 

    Europe & Asia ➙ Taiga

    South Africa ➙ Veldas 

    Venezuela (south America) ➙ Lianos

    Hungary ➙ Pustaz 

    New Zealand ➙ Canterbury             

Q. What are the major grasslands of the world?

There are two main kinds of grasslands: tropical and temperate. Examples of temperate grasslands include Eurasian steppes, North American prairies, and Argentine pampas. Tropical grasslands include the hot savannas of sub-Saharan Africa and northern Australia.

Q. Which is the biggest grassland in the world?

Ans:Eurasian steppe

The largest temperate grassland in the world is the Eurasian steppe, extending from Hungary to China. It reaches almost one-fifth of the way around the Earth. The Eurasian steppe is so well-known, the area is sometimes referred to as just The Steppe.

Q. Are there any grasslands in India?

In India, the grasslands have both characteristics that span across North India, central India and some regions of Gujarat and some regions of the Ghats. These grasslands in India are usually found around the river plains, the Indo-Gangetic and The Brahmaputra plains in the north, The Narmada plain in Gujarat, etc.
Q. Which is the smallest grassland in the world?

Montane Grassland and Shrubland

The smallest grassland IVC division is the African (Madagascan) Montane Grassland and Shrubland, which is found in only one ecoregion, with a total land area of 1273 km2.
Q. What is the most beautiful grassland in the world?

The Hulunbuir Grassland is situated within the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region with a total area of over 93,000 square kilometres. It is named after the Hulun Lake and the Buir Lake. It is reputed as the most beautiful grassland in Inner Mongolia as well as one of three most beautiful grasslands in the world.

Changes Name of important Country

       Abyssinia    ➙ Ethiopia

       Angora     ➙  Ankara

       Basutoland  ➙  Lesotho 

       Batavia   ➙ Djakarta

       Burma     ➙ Mayanmar

       Bechuanaland   ➙ Botswana

       British Guiana  ➙ Gu yana

       Combodia ➙  Kampuchea 

      Cape Canaveral   ➙ Cape Kennedy 

            Ceylon   ➙ Sri Lanka

            Christina   ➙ Oslo 

            Congo  ➙ Zaire      

            Constantinople ➙Istanbul

            Dacca➙  Dhaka            

       Dutch East Indies ➙Indonesia 

          Dutch Guiana    ➙ Surinamn

          Formosa ➙  Taiwan 

          Gold Coast  ➙ Ghana 

          Hollad   ➙ The Netherlands 

          Japan     ➙ Nippon

          Malaya  ➙ Malaysia

          Manchukuo  ➙ Manchuri

           Mesopotamia ➙ Iraq

       Northern Rhodesia ➙Zambia

           Nyasaland ➙ Malawi

           Peking (China) ➙Beijing

           Persia ➙ lran

           Rangoon ➙ Yongon

           Rhodesia ➙ Zimbabwe

           Salisbury ➙ Hara re

           Sam ➙Thailand

           South-West Africa  ➙Namibia

      Thanganyika Zanzibar  ➙ Tanzania