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Gk About Edible Plants Parts & Scientific Name Of Common Plants :
Edible Plants Parts:
Each and every part of the plant is very important for us. Plants have leaves, roots, stem, flowers as their parts. We consume almost every part of the plant (root, stem, leaves, flowers, fruits, etc) as food. Fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, herbs, are the foods we eat that are obtained from plant sources.
Roots: Beets, Carrots, Parsnips, Radishes, Daikon, Turnip, Celeriac, Jicama, Rutabaga, Asparagus, Sugarcane, Celery, Rhubarb, Hearts of palm, Bamboo Shoots, Broccoli Stems, Ginger, Potato, Taro, Nopales.
Leaves: Broccoli Rabe, Radicchio, Turnip Greens, Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, Swiss Chard, Napa Cabbage, Bok Choy, Kale, Collard Greens, Leek, Beet Greens.
Flowers : Artichoke, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Calendula, Squash Blossoms.
Seeds: Sunflower, Beans, Pigeon Peas, Snow Pea, Snap Peas, Sugar Peas, Peas, Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Peanuts.

Fruits: Acorn Squash, Bell Pepper, Eggplant, Cucumber, Squash, Tomato, Tomatillo, Zucchini, Sweet Corn, Chili Pepper, Melons, Orange, Tangerine Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit, Berries, Pears, Apples, Cherries, Peaches.