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Westbengal Geography Solved Questions

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1.Electric locomotives are manufactured at——

(A) Varanasi

(B) Bhopal

(C) Chittaranjan

(D) Calcutta

Ans: (C) Chittaranjan.

2.The India-Bangladesh Agreement over the sharing of Ganga Water (Farakka) was signed in

(A) 1995


Ans: (B) 1996

Q.In which of the following districts of West Bengal the decennial growth in population has been higher than the state’s decennial growth?
(A) Kolkata

(B) Malda

(C) Purulia

(D) North Dinajpur.

Ans: (D) North Dinajpur.

Q.The highest railway station of the world is situated of Ghoom near Darjeeling at an altitude of
(Highest – Tanggula station, China)

(A) 2225 mt. (2nd highest)

(B) 3000 mt.

(C) 8848 mt.

(D) 2000 mt.

Ans: (A) 2225 mt.

Q.The Farakka Project is mainly aimed towards
(A) The irrigation of more lands in West Bengal

(B) Preserving the port of Kolkata

(C) Production of electricity

(D) Checking the floods.

Ans: (B) Preserving the port of Kolkata.

Q.What is the name of the island which is emerging gradually near the estuary of Ganga?
(A) Sagar Island

(B) Gosaba

(C) Purbasha

(D) Lothian Island

Ans: (C) Purbasha.

Q.The place in West Bengal declared by the UN in 1989 as the World Heritage site is

(A) The mangrove forests of Sundarban

(B) The terracotta temples of Bankura

(C) The ecosystem of the Darjeeling hills

(D) The forests of Jaldapara.

Ans: (A) The mangrove forests of Sundarban.

Q.Rice is by far the most important crop of West Bengal covering about

(A) 70% of net cultivated area

(B) 75% of net cultivated area

(C) 60% of net cultivated area

(D) 65% of net cultivated area.

Ans: (C) 60% of net cultivated area.

Q.Which of the following industrial towns is known as ‘Ruhr of India’?

(A) Asansol

(B) Durgapur

(C) Burnpur

(D) Rourkela.

Ans: (B) Durgapur.

Q. ln West Bengal the region north of the Ganga is known as
(A) Tanr

(B) Bhabar

(C) Barind

(D) Rarh

Ans: (C) Barind.

Q.The source of the Jaldhaka river is

(A) Bitang lake

(B) Chomalhari Peak

(C) Zemu Glacier

(D) Jelap La

Ans: (A) Bitang lake.

Q.‘Canada Dam’ is on the
(Massanjore dam)

(A) Damodar

(B) Kasai

(c) Baitarani

(D) Mayurakshi

Ans: (D) Mayurakshi.

Q. NH 34 connects
(A) Kolkata with Asansol

(B) Kolkata with Jhargram

(C) Kolkata with Siliguri

(D) Kolkata with Bangaon

Ans: (C) Kolkata with Siliguri.

Q. According to Census Report 2001, literacy rate in West Bengal was
(a) 43.2%

(b) 59.2%

(c) 68.6%

(d) 79.2%

Ans: (c) 68.6% (77.8 – 2011)

Q. When was the first West Bengal Human Development Report published?
(a) 2001

(b) 2002

(c) 2003

(d) 2004

Ans: (d) 2004

Q.The highest point in West Bengal is
(a) Sandakphu

(b) Darjeeling

(c) Gargabaru

(d) Ghum

Ans: (a) Sandakphu (3636 m).

Q.Area wise, West Bengal is roughly identical to
(a) Hungary

(b) Vietnam

(c) Denmark

(d) Switzerland,

Ans: (a) Hungary.(93,030km2)

Q.West Bengal lies between
(a) 85°50’E – 89°50’E

(b) 85°30’E – 90°E

(c) 85°E – 89°30’E

(d) 85°E – 90°E

Ans:(a) 85°50’E – 89°50’E

Q.Proportion of area under forest cover in West Bengal is
(a) 13.5%

(b) 11.8%

(c) 14.2%.

(d) 20.0%

Ans:(a) 13.5%

Q. Of the Indian States, West Bengal has the longest boundary with
(a) Jharkhand

(b) Bihar

(c) Orissa

(d) Assam

Ans: (a) Jharkhand.

Q.Oldest coalfield of Damodar Valley region is—-

(a) Talcher

(b) Bokaro

(c) Raniganj

(d) Bisrampur

Ans:(c) Raniganj (1774).

Q.Salt Lake has become a centre of–
(a) Computer Software Industries

(b) IT Industry

(c) Electronic Industry

(d) Engineering Industry

Ans:(b) IT Industry

Q.In which town in India underground train starts operating first?
(a) Delhi

(b) Mumbai

(c) Chennai

(d) Calcutta

Ans:(d) Calcutta.

Q. Out of the four given alternatives, choose the most appropriate description about the following three words : Santiniketen : Jadavpur : Kalyani
(a) These are university towns of West Bengal

(b) These are tourist places

(c) These are easily accessible from Kolkata

(d) There are no big hotels at these places

Ans:(a) These are university towns of West Bengal.

Q. Barakar is the major tributary of
(a) Mahanadi

(b) Ganga

(c) Damodar

(d) Ajoy

Ans:(c) Damodar.

Q. Adra of Purulia District is known for
(a) Fishing Industry

(b) Railway Junction

(c) District headquarter

(d) Health Resort

Ans:(b) Railway Junction.

Q. Lateritic soil is found in
(a) Bihar (Plain region)

(b) West Bengal (Plateau region)

(c) Tamilnadu (Coastal region)

(d) Northern Western Ghat

Ans:(b) West Bengal (Plateau region).

Q. From Nabadwip to Bay of Bengal the Ganga river is named as
(a) Bhagirathi

(b) Hooghly

(c) Ganga

(d) Ichhamati

Ans:(b) Hooghly.

  1. Population density of West Bengal in 2001 is—

(a) 877 persons/Km2

(b) 904 persons/Km2

(c) 934 persons/km2

(d) 957 persons/km2

Ans:(b) 904 persons/Km2. (1028 as per 2011)

30.. Cinchona cultivation is mainly practiced in

(a) Mongpu and Munsong

(b) Darjeeling

(c) Kalimpong

(d) Buxar

Ans:(a) Mongpu and Munsong.

  1. Balurghat is the headquarter of

(a) Uttar Dinajpur

(b) Dakshin Dinajpur

(c) Malda

(d) Coochbehar

Ans:(b) Dakshin Dinajpur.

  1. In West Bengal, export processing zone has started functioning at

(a) Raichak

(b) Haldia

(c) Falta

(d) Kakdwip

Ans:(c) Falta (1984)

  1. Downstream industries are coming up at

(a) Kolkata

(b) Asansol

(c) Medinipur

(d) Haldia

Ans:(d) Haldia.

  1. Which city of West Bengal is called gateway city of NE India?

(a) Jalpaiguri

(b) Coochbehar

(c) Siliguri

(d) Alipurdura

Ans:(c) Siliguri.

  1. No. of Municipal towns in West Bengal, at present:


(A) 118

(B) 104

(C) 256

(D) 191

Ans: (A) 118 (in 2020)

  1. Which of the following is true for the literacy rate in West Bengal?

(A) The literacy rate in West Bengal is higher than the national average

(B) The literacy rate in West Bengal is lower than the national average

(C) West Bengal’s literacy rate is the lowest in India

(D) None of the above

Ans: (A) The literacy rate in West Bengal is higher than the national average.

  1. Number of Panchayet Samities in West Bengal at present in—-

(A) 341

(B) 344

(C) 333

(D) 334

Ans: (A) 341 (in 2020).

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