Biology Various Plant Diseases|Different types of Plants disease |About various plants diseases – Biology|Biology various plant diseases list|various plants diseases biology.

✹Like animals, Plants also suffer from various diseases.
✹The Biological Agents that causing disease to plants are known as pathogens.

Common Plant Pathogens are:
               ◑ Virus
               ◑ Bacteria
               ◑ Fungi
               ◑ Nematodes

Plant disease, an impairment of the normal state of a plant that interrupts or modifies its vital functions. All species of plants, wild and cultivated alike, are subject to disease. Although each species is susceptible to characteristic diseases, these are, in each case, relatively few in number. The occurrence and prevalence of plant diseases vary from season to season, depending on the presence of the pathogen, environmental conditions, and the crops and varieties grown. Some plant varieties are particularly subject to outbreaks of diseases while others are more resistant to them. See also list of plant diseases.

Viral Disease In Plants:

Chlorosis virus  ➞ Capsicum, Tomato.

Bud Blight ➞ Soybean.  

Curly top ➞ Beans, tomato.     ✹ Mosaic Leaf ➞  Tomato, corn, potato Pea, cucumber, maize, cauliflower. sugarcane, legume, tobacco.            

Biology —Various Plant Diseases
Various Plants Disease — Biology

Spotted Wilt virus  ➞ Capsicum, Tomato etc.
Yewolling Of leaf  ➞  Sugarbeet, Barley, potato etc.

Fungal Diseases In Plants :

Cankers ➞ Largely woody plants.

Downy mildew ➞ Grains, onions, cucumbers,alfalfa, etc.

Ergot ➞ Rye, barley, wheat and other grasses.

Powdery mildew ➞ Grains, legumes

Tuber diseases ➞ Potato, sweet potato, etc.

Rusts ➞ Wheat, barley, rye, oats, etc.

Root rots ➞ All types of plants

Scab ➞ Wheat, barley, rye, potato, etc.

Smuts ➞ Oats, barley, corn, wheat,grasses, etc.

Wilts ➞ Potatoes, alfalfa, etc.

Cavity spot ➞ Carrot

Leaf blight ➞ Carrot

Ring spot ➞ Brassicas

Disease by Nematodes in plants :

Hairy root   ➞ sugar beets, potatoes, soybeans, etc. ✹ Root lesions  ➞   Different species of plants get affected. ✹ Root-knot  ➞  Tomatoes, peanuts, etc.

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