Remedial Teaching Pedagogy

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1. The term Remedial Teaching’ is generally associated with
(a) deficit of a student.
(b) deficit of a special child.
(c) deficit of an absentee from class.
(d) education of delinquents.

Ans: (b) deficit of a special child.

2. The remedial teaching is a part of –
(a) summative assessment.
(b) end-of term assessment.
(c) internal assessment
(d) continuous assessment
Ans: (d) continuous assessment.

3. The term ‘remedial coaching’ is used for the remedy of-
(a) general students
(b) abnormal/special students
(d) delinquent students.
(c) autistic 1 students.
Ans: (a) general students.

4. Another term for remedial coaching is-
(a) therapy teaching. (b) re-teaching.
(c) purposive teaching.
(d) frontal teaching.
Ans: (b) re-teaching.

5. What will be your first step if someone needs remedial teaching?
(a) counselling. (b) need analysis.
(c) diagnostic test.
(d) oral advice.
Ans: (c) diagnostic test.

6. Which sequence is followed in remedial teaching?
(a) diagnostic ➛formative test ➛ summative test.
(b) formative➛ diagnostic➛ summative
(c) summative ➛diagnostic ➛formative
(d) diagnostic➛ summative ➛formative
Ans: (a) diagnostic ➛formative test ➛ summative test.
7. Remedial teaching is a kind of
(a) purpoSIve teaching.
(b) individualized teaching.
(d) special education of jail inmates. t
(c) special coaching for gifted children.
Ans: (b) individualized teaching.

8. A remedial teacher teaches-
(a) basic skills.
(b) basic arithmetic.
(c) major subject of study.
(d) basic science.
Ans: (a) basic skills.

9. Remedial teaching should be conducted-
(a) in a mixed- ability group.
(b) individually
(c) in the school only.
(d) outside the school only.
Ans: (b) individually.

10. While a remedial teaching is going on, a teacher should-
(a) report the progress of the child to his parents.
(b) report the progress of the child to his Headmaster.
(C) report the progress to the student himself.
(d) report the progress to the teachers of the child.

Ans: (a) report the progress of the child to his parents.

11. Remedial teaching refers to teaching
(a)To address gaps in learning
(b) To test learners periodically.
(c) To help bright learners to excel.

Ans: (a)To address gaps in learning.

12. Remedial method is used for-
(a)Normal Children.
(b)Problematic Children.
(c)Normal and Problematic Children
(d) Gifted Children.

Ans: Problematic Children.

Explanation: Remedial method is used for ‘Problematic Children’ as the objective of the remedial method is to give additional help to learners who have fallen behind the rest of the class in any topic or subject.
It is the process of identifying slow learners and improving their ability to learn something. It transmits practical experiences to learners according to their diverse needs Problematic Children’ are provided with remedial actions to correct the difficulties. These remediation actions are done individually and specific to the problem.

13. In order to access the students’ academic achievements of teaching environmental studies which of the following evaluation indicator should not be used?
(a) Observation
(b) Discussion
(c) Experimentation.
(d) Remedial teaching.

Ans:( d )Remedial teaching.

14. Which test is used to know the learning problems of students after classroom teaching?
(a) Diagnostic Test
(b) Achievement tests
(c) Unit test
(d) Formative test
Ans: a) Diagnostic Test.
Explanation: Diagnostic test refers to the test which helps the teachers to know the learning problems or gaps in learner’s understanding and identify learner’s strengths, weaknesses, skills, etc.

Steps of Diagnostic Testing:
✹Identifying students who are having trouble.
✹Locating the errors and learning difficulties/gaps.
✹Discovering the causal factors of slow learning.
✹Removing learning difficulties through remedial teaching.

Remedial Teaching Pedagogy
Remedial Teaching

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15. Remedial teaching is used for which kind of children ?
(a) Fast learners
(b) Slow learneres
(c) Gifted children
(d) Creative learners.
Ans: b) Slow learneres.

Explanation: Remedial teaching for showing lower than average performance or slow learner. The students who show below-average performance require remedial teaching in order to improve their performance.
They usually does mistakes because of their wrong contextual understanding or lack of interest in learning.
The teacher has to re-teach the concepts using different techniques to make them understand the concepts in the right way so that their mistakes can be omitted.
Hence, we can conclude that remedial teaching is used for slow learners.

16. In order to modify the undesirable behaviour of student the most effective method is –
(a) To inflict punishment
(b) To ignore it
(c) To ask the parents to deal with it
(d) To find out the reasons and attempt to provide remedies.

Ans : To find out the reasons and attempt to provide remedies.

17. The Indian INSET system was established in:
(a) 1981
(b) 1982
(c) 1983
(d) 1984
Ans: 1983

18. What is the basis of remedial teaching?
(a) Diagnosis
(b) Weakness of the student
(c) Individual difference
(d) All of the above.

Ans: d) All of the above.