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Unemployment and Indian Economy.

Unemployment simply means a Situation When able and willing people are not getting jobs as per their own capabilities.


Structural Unemployment:
This type of unemployment is associated with economic structure of the country i.e., productive capacity is inadequate to create a sufficient number of jobs. Rapidly growing population causes this.
This type of unemployment is of long run nature Indian unemployment is basically related to this category of
Under Emplayment:
Those laborers are under-employed who obtain work but their efficiency and capability are not utilized at their optimum and as a result they contribute in the production up to a limited level.
A country having this type of unemployment fails to exploit the afficiencies of its laborers.

Open Unemployment:
When the laborers live without any work and they don’t find any work to do, they come únder the category of open unemployment. Educated unemployed and unskilled labor unemployment are included in open unemployment.
The migration from rural to urban areas in search of work is very often found in India which is an example of open unemployment.

Disguised Unemployment:
If a person does not Contribute anything in the production process or in other words, if he can be removed from the workwithout affecting the productivity adversely, he will be treated as disguisedly unemployed. The marginal productivity of such unemployed person is zero.
Agriculture sector of underdeveloped/
developing economies possesses this type of unemployment at a large scale.

Frictional Unemployment
The unenmployment generated due to change in market conditions (change in demand and supply conditions) is called frictional unemployment.
Agriculture is the main occupation in India. The supply conditions still depend upon weather’s mood and similarlydemand conditions depend upon availability of resources. Any change arising either of any or both creates a diversion from the equilibrium which results in frictional unemployment.

Seasonal Unemployment
It appears due to a change in demand based on seasonal variations. Laborers do not get work round the year They get employed in the peak season of agricultural activities andbecome unemployed when these activities are over.
Indian agriculture ensures employmient for only 7-8 months and laborers remain unemployed in the remaining period. This temporary type ot employment gives birth to seasonal unemployment.

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