Units Of Measurement Physics MCQ

Units of Measurement Physics MCQ -Upsc,PSC,SSC Examination.

1. The unit of work is

(A) Joule

(C) Watt

(B) Neutron

(D) Dyne

Ans: (A) Joule.

2. The SI unit of electrical resistance
of conductor is –

(A) Faraday

(B) Volts

(C) Ampere

(D) Ohm-metre

Ans: (D) Ohm-metre

3. The unit of power is–

(A) Hertz

(B) Volts

(C) Watt

(D) Neutrons

Ans: (C) Watt

4. The unit of the force is

(A) Faraday
(B) Fermi
(C) Newton
(D) Rutherforda

Ans: (C) Newton

5. Light year is the unit of–

(A) Distance
(B) Time
(C) Speed of light
(D) Intensity of light

Ans: (A) Distance

6. Which one of the following is the unit of measure of the thickness of the ozone layer of the atmosphere?

(A) Knot

(B) Dobson

(C) Poise

(D) Maxwell

Ans:   (B) Dobson

7. ‘Light Year’ is–

(A) The year in which February has
29 days
(B) The distance travelled by light
in one year
(C) The time which Sun rays take to
reach the Earth
(D) The time in which a spacecraft
reaches Moon from the Earth

Ans: (B) The distance travelled by light
in one year

8. A parsec, a unit of distance used to measure the distance related to the
stars in the sky, is equal to–

(A) 4.25 light years
(B) 3.25 light years
(C) 4.50 light years
(D) 3.05 light years

Ans:   (B) 3.25 light years

Units of Measurement   Physics MCQ

9. PARSEC is the unit of–

(A) Distance
(B) Time
(C) Light intensity
(D) Magnetic force

Ans: (A) Distance

10. Which unit of measurement is
multiplied by 0.39 to convert it to

(A) Millimetre

(B) Centimetre

(C) Metre

(D) Decimetre

Ans: (B) Centimetre

Unit of Measurement Physics MCQ

11. How can the height of a person
who is six feet tall, be expressed
(approximately) in nanometre?

(A) 183 x 10⁶ nm
(B) 234 x 10⁶ nm
(C) 183 x 10⁷ nm
(D) 181 x 10⁷ nm

Ans: (C) 183 x 10⁷ nm

12. A nanometre is equal to–

(A) 10-⁶ cm (B) 10-⁷ cm
(C) 10-⁸ cm (D) 10-⁹ met.

Ans: (D) 10-⁹ metre

13. Ampere is the unit of–

(A) Voltage
(B) Electric current
(C) Resistance
(D) Power

Ans: (B) Electric current

14. Megawatt is the measuring unit of
power which is–

(A) Generated
(B) Consumed
(C) Saved
(D) Lost in transmission

Ans: (A) Generated

Units of Measurement Physics MCQ

15. Which one of the following SI unit
is not correctly matched?

(A) Work ☞ Joule

(B) Force ☞ Newton

(C) Mass  ☞   kg

(D) Pressure ☞ Dyne

Ans: (D) Pressure ☞ Dyne

16. Which one of the following is not
correctly matched?

(A) Knot – Measure of speed of ship
   (B) Nautical mile – Unit of distance
used in navigation
   (C) Agnstrom – Unit of wavelength
of light
   (D) Light year – Unit of measuring

Ans: (D) Light year – Unit of measuring

17. How many watts are there in a

(A) 1000
    (B) 750
    (C) 746
    (D) 748

Ans: (C) 746

18. Joule’ is related to energy in the
same way as ‘Pascal’ is related to

 (A) Mass
     (B) Pressure
     (C) Density
     (D) Purity

Ans: (B) Pressure

19. One micron is equal to

(A) 1/10 mm
(B) 1/100 mm
(C) 1/1000 mm
(D) 1/10,000 mm

Ans: (C) 1/1000 mm

20. One micron represents a length of

(A) 10-⁶ cm
(B) 10-⁴ cm
(C) 1 mm
(D) 1 m

Ans: (B) 10-⁴ cm

21. Which one of the following is not
correctly matched?

(A) Decibel – Unit of sound intensity
(B) Horsepower – Unit of power
(C) Nautical miles – Unit of naval
(D) Celsius – Unit of heat

Ans: (D) Celsius – Unit of heat

22. Which one of the following is not
the unit of heat?

(A) Calorie
   (B) Kilocalorie
   (C) Kilojoule
   (D) Watt

Ans: (D) Watt

Unit of Measurement Physics MCQ

23. A distance of 1 km means

(A) 100 m
(B) 1000 cm
(C) 1000 m
(D) 100 cm

Ans: (C) 1000 m

24. One pikogram is equal to

(A) 10-⁶ gram
(B) 10-⁹ gram
(C) 10-¹² gram
(D) 10-¹⁵ gram

Ans: (C) 10-¹² gram

25. Pascal is a unit of measuring

(A) Humidity
(B) Pressure
(C) Rainfall
(D) Temperature

Ans: (B) Pressure

26. What is the unit of atmospheric

(A) Bar
(B) Knot
(C) Joule
(D) Ohm

Ans: (A) Bar

27. 1 Kg/cm² pressure is equivalent to

(A) 0.1 bar
(B) 1.0 bar
(C) 10.0 bar
(D) 100.0 bar

Ans: (B) 1.0 bar

28. 1 barrel of oil is equals to which of
the following?

(A) 131 litre
(B) 159 litre
(C) 179 litre
(D) 201 litre

Ans: (B) 159 litre

Units of Measurement Physics MCQ

29. The smallest unit of length is

(A) Micron
(B) Nanometre
(C) Angstrom
(D) Fermimetre

Ans: (D) Fermimetre

30. One Nanometer is equal to

(A) 10-⁹ m
(B) 10-⁶ m
(C) 10-¹⁰ m
(D) 10–⁵ m

Ans: (A) 10-⁹ m

31. What is measured in Cusec?

(A) Purity of water
(B) Depth of water
(C) Flow of water
(D) Quantity of water

Ans: (C) Flow of water

Units of Measurement Physics MCQ

32. ‘Dobson’ unit is used for the
measurement of–

(A) Thickness of Earth

(B) Thickness of Diamond.

(C) Thickness of Ozone layer

(D) Measurement of Noise

Ans:    (C) Thickness of Ozone layer

33. Match List-I with List-II and select
the correct answer using the code
given below the lists.

List-I (Physical quantities)
(a) Acceleration
(b) Force
(C) Work done
(d) Impulse

List-II (Units)
1. Joule
2. Newton second
3. Newton
4. Metre/second

Code (a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 1 2 3 4
(B) 3 4 1 2
(C) 2 3 4 1
(D) 4 3 1 2

Ans: (D) 

34. Farad is the unit of –


Ans: (c) Permittivity

35. Electron volt is a unit of


Ans : (d) Energy

36. Joule second is the unit of


(b)Angular momentum



Ans : (b) Angular momentum

37. What is the unit of solid angle?


Ans : (b) Steradian

Important Units Of Measurement In Science

Name of Units

Used to Measure


Electric Current


Wavelength of light


Atmosphere Pressure


Quantity of heat


Luminous Intensity




Electric Charge


Sound level


Force (C.G.S Unit)






Depth Of Water


Electric Charge


Magnetic Induction








Work of energy



Light year



Force (SI unit)


Electrical Resistance






Electrical potential



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