Misinterpretation of religion and sectarianism :

Misinterpretation of religion and sectarianism : Global Issues

Introduction :

Various religions have been prevalent in our world since ancient times, along with various religions. Each religion revolves around its own self-created God. This God is often the dweller of the heavens, again and again or the special natural wonders present before our eyes. Sometimes it is seen that people are building religions by accepting an invisible cosmic force beyond the earthly objects and the origin of religion according to their own average religion, the way of life people are making their own religion and way of life.

Religion and life:

The funny thing is that everyone thinks their own religion is the best. Every human being has made his own way of life and way of life following his own religion. Involved in this is the worship of God.

Religion, the narrowness of religion:

Apart from Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Judaism, Muslims, Persians, Sikhs, etc., there are many other religions in the world today, and they all consider their own religion to be the only true religion in the world. They do not care about the existence of any religion other than their own religion. Needless to say, here is communalism seeds contained.

Conflicts between religions:

Analyzing the past history of the world, it can be seen that each religion is engaged in a religious war to increase its own community. As a result, the earth has been flooded with human blood. The society is broken, the country is broken. Due to religion, our India has been divided into three parts. Conflict between religions centered on religion, sectarian narrow-mindedness still divides us in many ways. One of the main reasons for Pakistan’s antagonism with India is religion and sectarianism. Several of Pakistan Fundamentalist religious groups are waging a shadow war against India on various pretexts. Even within secular India, this sectarian divide has sometimes taken a strong turn.

The essence of religion is human love:

The basic premise of every religion is human love. Not violence, not oppression, people need to love, that is the essence of every religion. “The one who loves the living, the one who serves God. Jesus Christ spoke of human love. Buddha has spoken of love and non-violence. Hazrat Mohammad said that Islam is the religion of faith and good. He wanted equality and friendship.
In essence, the essence of all religions is human love and the welfare of every human being. Religious greats have shown through the ages that narrow sectarianism is not a religion.

Emergence of fundamentalism:

By disobeying the command of the great men and misinterpreting the religion, today we are drowning in the mire of terrible division and sectarianism. The fundamentalists have raised their heads within all religions. They have distorted religion and are spreading sectarian hatred. So riots, violence and bloodshed are on the rise.


Sri Ramakrishna says, “It is easy to talk on religion, but difficult to practice it.” The goal of religion is people, people are the truth. The ultimate goal of religion is the welfare of the people. Therefore, it is wrong to use the lie called communalism in the name of religion. Only good human consciousness can lead people to the path of true religion.

Misinterpretation of religion: Global Issue

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