Multimedia & It’s Elements

Multimedia :

We use to different medium to say any information to others. These mediums can be text,sound, pictures, animation and video.

Hardware & Software requirement for Multimedia:

To develop the Multimedia system, the required various hardware|software components are:

The basic elements of multimedia on a computer are :

1. Graphics Accelerator card 2. CD-ROM Drive 3. Sound Card 4. Camera 5. Microphone 6. Multimedia Software.

Elements of Multimedia:

The elements of Multimedia are the following —

1. Text: Text is the most fundamental element of any multimedia project.Of all multimedia elements, text is the easiest to manipulate. It is used to add special visual effects to text to create a more appealing presentation by using tools such as bold, blink and underline etc.

2. Graphics: Graphics can be added into a multimedia project in the form of photographs or designs. It can be imported from a variety of resources also can be created with the help of graphic applications. It is used to inform such as the Internet, a digital camera, scanner etc. Original graphic designs about anything to people easily because image can say more than text.

3. Sound: Sound can be added to a multimedia presentation from a variety of sources.Original sounds can be also recorded using a microphone and programs such as HyperStudio, MovieWorks, or SmartSound.

4. Video: Moving images or video can be incorporated into a multimedia project as Quick-Time movies.

5. Animation: It is a group of graphics images that contain movement and look like a movie. It is used for making cartoon film, video game etc.

Uses of Multimedia:

1. Entertainment:Multimedia is used in the entertainment industry, especially to develop special effects in movies and animations. It is also used in video games.

2. Education and Training:In Education and training multimedia is used to produce computer-based training courses and reference books like encyclopaedia and almanacs.

3. Engineering :Software engineers may use multimedia in Computer Simulations for anything from entertainment to training.

4. Business: In business, multi-media is used as a way of helping present information to shareholders, superiors and co-workers. Multimedia is also helpful for providing employee training, advertising and selling products all over the world through unlimited web-based technologies.

5. Mathematical and Scientific Research: In Mathematical and Scientific Research, multimedia is mainly used for modeling and simulation.

6. Medicine : In medicine, doctors can get trained by looking at a virtual surgery or they can simulate how the human body is affected by diseases.