Traffic jam|Paragraph writing

English writing practice: wbcs,upsc,psc,ssc

Due to some causes if a number of vehicles remain still and cannot move, then it is called traffic jam. It is a common affair in big cities and towns in our country. It usually occurs in the-busy areas of a city or town. It is a major problem that city people face every day. There are many causes of traffic jam. Population explosion is one of them. Compared to the number of people we have no adequate facilities. Our roads and streets remain almost undeveloped whereas vehicles increase rapidly. These vehicles do not get sufficient space to ply through the rods. Consequently traffic jam occurs. Besides, our traffic control system is not sufficiently developed. People do not want to abide by traffic rules.

Various kinds of vehicles such as the buses, trucks, microbuses. CNG three wheelers, rickshaws, pushcart etc. run as their will. One vehicle tries to overtake others. Then they are stopped on the road. Sometimes the jam is so severe that the vehicles remain still at a place for hours together. It causes untold sufferings to the people who move on the vehicles as well as on foot. lt kills our valuable time and hampers, our work. This problem can be solved by adopting some effective measures. Traffic rules should be imposed strictly. Well planned spacious roads should be constructed. Public awareness is also needed in this respect.