English Short Paragraph

Check List : 1. A Book Fair 2. The School Magazine. 3. Usefulness of Morning Walk 4. My Life in School 5. My Last Day at School 6. Value of Time 7. The Necessity of Planting More Trees 8. Benefits of Reading Books

A Book Fair

A book fair is like a feast of books. Being an avid reader, I always love visiting.book fairs. This year too I did not miss the chance of visiting one. In the month of January, I visited the Malda District Book Fair with my parents. The fair was being held in the Rabindra Bhavan premises. As I entered the fair, I could see hundreds of people pouring into the fair ground with curious eyes. There were as many as eighty stalls, all nicely decorated to attract the customers. Each and every book stall had displayed their collection of books enticing the book lovers. Numerous people crowded the stalls to buy their favourite books. The stalls selling children’s books were the mostly crowded.
I visited every stall and bought a number of books that include ‘Feluda Samagra‘ by Satyajit Ray, ‘Wings of Fire’ by Dr. APJ
Abdul Kalam, ‘Five Plays’ by Mahasweta Devi and ‘Samsad Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms’. Other than book stalls, there were a few stalls selling fast food. The foodies thronged those stalls to kindle their taste buds. Cultural activities were also going on to add a different dimension to the book fair.The day I visited, a local theatre group were enacting a play on stage. Overall, it was an excellent fair and I enjoyed every bit of it. I wish to visit this fair and similar others every year.

The School Magazine

School Magazine forms a vital part of school life and education. Almost every school publishes a magazine annually to showcase the budding talents of the institution. The process of publication of a magazine passes through a number of steps carried out by both teachers and students. This is an important aspect
because working together strengthens their bond.
The cost of publication is met from the school funds and the magazines are distributed free of cost among the students, teaching, and non-teaching staff. A school magazine is useful from various perspectives. It acts as an incentive to develop writing skills, free thinking and the art of expression of the students.
Besides, a school magazine contains reports of the school events and an account of the achievements of the budding pupils in both curricular and co-curricular activities. This, undoubtedly motivates both the teachers and their loving students to do well and surpass previous records. In short, the school
magazine gives the pupils a chance to spread the wings of their imagination and express themselves fully.

Usefulness of Morning Walk

Morning walk is probably the best form of exercise for the youth and the old alike. It is a healthy habit, an exercise that requires nothing but one’s own body. It gives a good start to the whole day’s work. During morning walk, one can inhale fresh oxygen as well as the sweet fragrance of the flowers. Morning walk gives an opportunity to come into closer contact with nature. The mild breeze, the twittering of birds and the peaceful surrounding never fail to please us. Even doctors advise their patients to go for a morning walk as a remedy for various ailments. Indeed, morning walk is a good form of independent exercise for all.

English Short Paragraph

My School Life

It is said that school life is the best tim in one’s life. Everybody enjoys his or her
school life and then cherishes the
memories for the rest of the life. I am also enjoying my school life to my heart’s content. I read in Midnapore Town School which is one of the best schools in Paschim Medinipur. I was admitted to this school in class-I and now I am reading in class-X. During this ten years journey. I have spent some memorable moments with my respected teachers and beloved friends. There are forty teachers all of whom have endeared themselves with their teaching acumen and knowledge of
the subject they teach. I love and respect all of them from the core of my heart. I have made a lot of friends. Everyday I spend some quality time with them. From
helping each other with our lessons to playing together and sharing our tiffin- we enjoy every bit of our friendship. Our school has a great learning environment where we have been thriving under the care and guidance of our teachers. I like
everything about my school and enjoy it a lot.

My Last Day at School

It is said that school life is the best time in one’s life. Reaching the fag end of my school life, I have realised that it is indeed, the most precious slice of life. The last day
that I spent with my friends in school was the day of our farewell before the Madhyamik Examination. It was a day of days for me as well as for all my friends. Clad in our school uniform, we reached school on time, attended the assembly and went to our classroom just like the way we have been doing so for the last ten years. The only difference is that it was officially the last day. So there was a mixed feeling among us, a curious mixture of joy and sorrow overwhelmed each one of us. We went down the memory lane and remembered some of the most memorable moments of our school days. It was great fun. After the recess a cultural programme
was organised to bid us farewell. There were songs, recitation and one act play staged by the outgoing students. The programme came to an end with a speech by our respected Headmaster who wished
us best of luck for our future endeavours.
It was an emotional moment for all of us. We left school with a heavy heart but also with heaps of memories that we shall cherish for the rest of our lives.

English Short Paragraph

Value of Time

There is a proverb which says, “Time and tide wait for none”. Indeed, time never forgives anyone for the lapses. However, rich or powerful one may be, one has to
utilise the time purposefully because time has gone is gone forever. Hence, to   be successful in life, one has to make the proper use of time. We know that human life is short. During the short span of life,
one has to perform a lot of duties and responsibilities. So he must realise the value of time and plan accordingly.
Therefore, one should rise early in the morning. Needless to say, an early riser gets more time to accomplish all his works timely. One should never engage himself in idle, but perform all his duties to achieve success and prosperity.

The Necessity of Planting More Trees

The utility and usefulness of trees cannot be exaggerate. They help us in many ways. Trees are used as food both by men and animals. Some herbs and plants are used to prepare medicines and spices. Another very important function of trees is to purify air through photosynthesis. They supply oxygen and absorb the harmful
carbon dioxide from the air. Trees provide shade to tired travellers and animals and shelter to birds. Soil erosion which is posing a great threat now-a-days, can be stopped only by planting more and more
trees. Only trees can help us to combat global warming. But it is very unfortunate that trees are now being mercilessly felled by unscrupulous people. Everyday
numerous trees are chopped down for the construction of flyovers, new roads and building.This should be stopped at any cost.Trees must be planted worldwide to save our earth from the impending danger. It will be too late if we do not plant trees as of now, because that is the only way to protect our beautiful planet. Efforts are, however, being made by the government for plantation of trees.

Benefits of Reading Books

Books have always been one of the
greatest companions of man. Reading books has a host of benefits. Francis Bacon once wrote, “Reading maketh a full man”. Indeed, reading quality books
makes a man more informed and perfect.
Reading habits help the brain to be more active. It not only increases our knowledge and wisdom, but also makes us intelligent and smarter. Reading books help us to
spread the wings of our imagination. That is why it is said that reading increases our creativity and imagination.There are few books that may have a lasting impact on our life. Biographies and auto biographies of great men can teach us many practical aspects of life as well as it help to shape our life in the right way. Moreover, reading books help us to enhance the language skill and increase vocabulary. In short, there are lots of advantages of reading books. One should develop the habit of reading books from the childhood.