1. Swami should present at 09:30in the school’s prayer hall.

2. Swami perceived on Monday morning when – When he was lying on a couch.

3. Swami was sleeping on the table in her mother’s spaceat 9:30.

4. Reasons to change Swami’s strategyhe knew his father was a very angry man.

5. Swami’s dad scolded Swami and commandeddress up for school.

6. Swami’s mother advised – so that he stays at home.

7. Swami’s expected – so that he does not have to go to school.

8. Reason for threatening the boys by the angry man, Samuel for coming late to his class.

9. According to Swami’s father, hanging around on Sundays is responsible for – sore head on Monday.

10. Swami hoped after hearing his sore head objection his father – would like to see why he avoided going to school that day.

11. Swami, shivering that it was MondayTrue.

12. Swami expected that he might be forced to go to schoolFalse.

13. Swami’s mother was a loving and noble ladyTrue.

14. Lying on a couch in his father’s space, he began to cry because he had a sore headFalse.

15. Dad said stay home without going to schoolFalse.

16. Swami was amazed at how quickly the day passed— True.

17. Swami’s own mistake was to be late for schoolTrue.

18. Samuel always rebuked all the students in the classFalse.

19. The head teacher was scared of his friend— False.

20. Swami did not succeed in bluffing his father with the excuse of having migraine to avoid school— True.



1. Mother of Swami-
A) Irritated.
B) She told him to go to school.
C) Very tough.
D) Asked him to stay back home.

2. Just a moment ago Swami thought it was-
A) Monday.
B) Tuesday.
C) Wednesday.
D) Friday.

3. Swami sighed that he had a headache-
A) 5:00 o’clock.
B) 6:30 o’clock.
C) 8:00 o’clock.
D) 9:00 o’clock.

4. The person who advised Sami could stay home-
A) Grandma.
B) Samuel.
C) Mother.
D) Parents.

5. Swami should have been at 9:30-
D) School compound.
A) The school prayer hall.
B) Schoolroom.
C) Mom’s room.

6. Today was Monday when it happened to the Swami he was-
A) Wandering inside the dining room.
B) Ready for school.
C) Was doing his homework.
D) Lying in bed.

7. Avoiding school swami’s complaint was his-
A) Headache.
B) Abdominal pain.
C) Nausea.
D) Running a temperature.

8. Swami gave a pretense for a headache-
B) Once.
A) Every time.
C) Over again.
D) Three times

9. As soon as he woke up, Swami-
A) Swami, demand had a headache.
B) Realize that it was Monday.
C) Met with his father.
D) Was rebuked by the mother.

10. Trembling with fear a Swami realizes that it was-
A) Thursday.
B) Tuesday.
C) Monday.
D) Sunday.



What did the Swami realize trembling with fear?
Ans. Swami trembled with fear and realized that it was Monday morning. A while ago he thought that today is Friday.

Who advised Swami to stay at home and why?
Ans. Swami’s mother told him to stay home because he told his mother that he was having headaches.

Why did Swami change his strategy?
Ans. Swami changed his strategy because he knew that his father was a strict man and his strategy would not work according to his father’s policy.

What advice did the Swami’s father give to the husband to get rid of the headache?
Ans. Swami’s father advised his son to run less on Sundays so that he would not have a headache on Monday.

What Did father comment on Swami’s headache for not going to school?
Ans. His father was furious when he heard that he was not going to school because of his headache and told him to get dressed and go to school.

What did the Swami fail to decide about Samuel?
Ans. Swami failed to decide whether Samuel was fully entitled to the allegations his father wrote in the letter.

‘But father’s behaviour took an unexpected turn’-What is meant by turn? Why was it not expected?
Ans. The word ‘turn’ means here is to write a letter to the head teacher. Swami thought that his father would notice him not going to school. But he started writing letters to the headmaster despite her son’s prohibition.

How was Samuel’s outlook?
Ans. Samuel had a black face, a thin moustache, unshaven cheeks, he wore a yellow coat and was strict in class discipline.

Why was Swami so curious to know what was written in the letter?
Ans. Swami was so curious to know what was written in the letter because his conscience was embarrassed and he confused his father with reality and imagination when he complained about Samuel. He himself did not know whether the allegations he made were completely true.

What did the husband think of Samuel? And why was he embarrassed?
Ans. Swami realizes that Samuel is not as bad as he thought he was and that he likes Samuel. The reason for the Swami’s confusion was He himself did not know whether the allegations he made about were completely true.