Letter about the bad condition of the roads

Write an Editorial letter about the bad condition of the roads in your area.


The Editor

The Statesman


Sub: Bad Condition of Roads

Subject: Bad Condition of Roads.

Respeted Sir,

Through the coloumns of your English daily,I would like to draw the attention of the authorities to the deplorable condition of the roads in our locality.

We, the resident of krishna Pally, Bongaon; have been suffering much for the bad condition of roads in our locality. Various streets are till now poor in shape as well as call for immidiate repair. There are big pot-holes scattered here and there. In addition with this some part of our locality has poor brick roads with no street lamp facility in darkness. After digging for the pipe lines of Ganges water,the one side of the road sill remain in bad condition which should be repaired as soon as possible. In monsoon, we face problems. Frequently, road accidents are occured due to the submerged pot-holes.

We, therefore urge the authorities through the English daily to take immidiate steps for repairing the roads for the public interest. The govt. should take the matter seriously.

Date: | Thanking you