Madhyamik English Paragraph

Madhyamik English Paragraph |English Paragraph

Bad Effects of Online Games in a Student’s Life

Online gaming is one of the most popular trends for young generation today. It only requires a smartphone or laptop and an internet connection. These requirements are necessary nowadays as it help to develop mental strength and keep one
updated. It also helps to maintain social bonds. Butto indulge oneself in online gaming for a long timeleads to certain difficulties in personal life and social
life too. It affects eyes, ears and mental stability of the person concerned. As a result of this addiction, the youth today has to face online harassments and
abuses along with unknown dangers. The laptops or phones may get infected with malicious virus. Some games like blue whale leads to accidents that sometimes claims lives too. Involvement in such
activities makes one unsocial, irritable in public places and the students start neglecting their studies. But for this, the invention is not to beblamed, the users are solely responsible for this. Onemust learn to balance his work and recreation properly in order to lead a happy and healthy life.

Soumitra Chatterjee-The Versatile Artist

Madhyamik English Paragraph

Since the beginning, the Indian Film Industry has witnessed many legendary actors who made great contributions to the world of cinema and left indelible mark in our hearts. Soumitra Chatterjee is
one of them. He was a versatile genius
incredibly talented actor, a poet, a writer, a playwright and a renowned theatre director. Born on January 19, 1935, in erstwhile Calcutta, British India,
Soumitra Chatterjee did his schooling from Howrah Zilla School. Later he did his masters in Bengali from the University of Calcutta. He started his career in Bengali film industry in the year 1959 and remained active till 2020. He is best remembered for his performances in films like The Apu Trilogy, Jai BabaFelunath, Sonar Kella, Hirak Rajar Deshe and many
more. Soumitra Chatterjee received multiple awards and honours such as Padma Bhusan in 2004, Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2012, Knight of Legion Of d honneur in 2018 by the French government, Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award-South in 1994.
Indeed, he was an icon who enriched Bengal’sculture and Indian cinema. On November 15, 2020,this great artist left for his heavenly abode only to live forever on the pages of history.

Value of Games and Sports

The aim of education is the overall development of a human being. It means the improvement of the mind as well as of the body. Sports and games keeps the body fit. Regular participation in games and
sports provides exercise to muscles, improves blood circulation and digestion and increases lung capacity. Games strengthen the body as knowledge enriches the mind. Physical fitness through games and sports makes a person competent to face the dangers of life, increases confidence and makes one disciplined, courageous and tolerant. Sports also broadens the mind as team spirit is developed while playing.Sports and games also bring fame and reputation.
Good sports persons are respected wherever they go. Sports and games are important means ofenjoyment and recreation. Sports and games refresh
our minds and develop the spirit of fair play, sense of honour and responsibility.

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Science— A Boon Or A Curse ?

The modern age is an age of science.
Wherever we go, whatever we do, we see
the advancement of science. In fact, our
lives are now completely based on the
achievements of science. From the
morning tea and newspaper to our mode of transport, communication– all are a part of the advancement of science. Science has revolutionised our way of life in the truest sense of the term. We now cannot imagine our lives, our education system, banking and commerce, industries without the aid that science provides at every step. Indeed, science has given us many useful things and has made our lives easier and comfortable. To get rid of our boredom, advancement in science has gifted us television, cinema, music system, and so on.

It has brought the whole world onto
our palm with smartphones and internet.
The average span of a human life has now
increased thanks to the life-saving
medicines and medical equipments.
However, all is not gold here. Science has
also given us destructive nuclear weapons
that can wipe out the whole world in
seconds. But science cannot be blamed for
this. It depends on us, how wisely we use
the advancements in science. Hence,
science can never be labelled as a curse; it
is perhaps one of the greatest blessings
from the Almighty.