Paragraph|Madhyamik English

Paragraph | Madhyamik English


The necessity o fexercise is recognised by all. Exercise is essential not only for a healthy body, but also for a sound mind. The early morning air fills up the lungs with the day. There are several kinds of physical exercises. Oxygen and keeps a person fresh and active throughout Doing freehand exercises or yoga is also beneficial. One can play football or volleyball. One can run or swim. Morning walk is also another form of exercise. Doing any of these exercises regularly, enhances the metabolic rate of a person and keeps him/her fit. Exercise also
increases self-control and strengthens one’s character.


Trees produce oxygen, the main ingredient to sustain life. These days trees are cut down to meet various needs of man. As a result, the ecological balance is disturbed. Rapid urbanisation is one of the major causes of deforestation. To fight this threatening situation many private agencies along with the State Government and the Central Government have started to organise awareness campaigns. They encourage people in planting more more trees. They even distribute saplings of fast growing trees Eminent personalities from various fields have come come forward to support this noble cause. Tree plantation is necessary to protect Mother Earth.

Paragraph | Madhyamik English


One of the biggest challenges that environment is facing today is global warming. It is a natural occurrence where the average temperature increasees beyond the tolerable limit. A warmer earth disturbs the balance of the ecosystem and causes negative impact on Nature.
Frequent floods, droughts, heat waves and storms take place. It is caused by greenhouse effect which is the outcome of the build-up of gases like carbon dioxide methane and nitrous oxide. These harmful gases cover the earth’s atmosphere like a blanket and prevent radiation of the sunrays. This trapped heat increases the temperature of the environment. Afforestation should be encouraged to prevent the rise of global warming. Solar and wind energy should be used to protect the earth.


Everyone has a favourite person. I like my English teacher the most. Her name is Mitali saha. I respect her a lot for her excellent command over the language.She helps us in understanding various poems and prose pieces. She conveys the inner meanings hidden in the prose pieces and the poems very lucidly. She makes Our study matters relatable to the events of daily life and explains complicated ideas in an easy way. Hence, studying does not seem a difficult thing when she is around. Moreover, she has such a charming and friendly personality that I always feel relaxed in her presence. She knows well how to arouse curiosity in students to enhance learning. I also like her as a human being and aspire to become like her in future.

Paragraph | Madhyamik English


Everyone has duties. A student is no exception to this. He too has a lot of duties to perform. He has duties not only towards himself but also towards his family and society. His most important duty is to build a successful career for himself. Students should have a good character, must be disciplined and obedient. They should be friendly with their mates, respectful and polite towards their elders and must keep their parents happy. Students play a important role in the betterment of society. It is their duty to organise literacy campaigns and awareness programmes. Students must try to be worthy citizens while growing up.


A man without any aim is like a ship without a rudder. An aimless life has no worth. Different persons have different aims. My aim in lite is to be a teacher. According to me, being a teacher is the best way to serve the nation. A teacher is entrusted with the task of shaping the minds of the future generation who would guide the country in the right direction. Teaching is a noble profession. I respect my teachers and wish to be like them when I grow up. I want to impart the overall knowledge of education. I would treat all my students equally and try to become an ideal teacher. I am working hard to become what I have aimed for.


Hobby is an activity which is done for satisfaction and pleasure when one is not working. My favourite hobby is reading books. It is one of the best habits that a person can cultivate. It is my favourite hobby because it refreshes my mind. The joy of reading books is indescribable and can be understood only by real experience. It increases the imaginative power and enriches the vocabulary. According to me, it is the best way to get rid of boredom. A good book inspires as well as motivates and teaches an
individual the morals and values of life. It helps in forming clear ideas. Everyone should pursue a hobby as it gives the opportunity to explore new avenues and provides relief from tiring busy life.

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