Report Writing Madhyamik 2023

Celebration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Sister Nivedita

Our school organised the 150th birth anniversary celebrations of Sister Nivedita on October 28. Sister Nivedita was a pioneer in girls education and worked for improving the health and lifestyle of the poor people. She was a dedicated social worker. The programme commenced with the speech of our Principal. She narrated the achievements of Sister Nivedita. The students of the primary section garlanded the framed photo of Sister Nivedita. Then the students of class XI and XII spoke about Sister Nivedita’s association with eminent personalities and her devotion for the betterment of the impoverished section of society. At the end of the programme, our Principal donated 1,25,000 rupees to an orphanage named ‘Jyoti’.

Ban Plastic Bags, Save Environment

Last week a round table discussion was held in our school on the topic “Ban Plastic Bags, Save Environment” in which renowned environmentalists, teachers and students took part. The panel consisted of six students chosen from class X, XI and XII, noted environmentalist Rakesh Mitra and Nisha Gupta and six teachers of our school. All fourteen members of the panel discussed the damaging effects of plastic bags. They highlighted various points through which they described in detail how plastic bags disturb the ecological balance of Nature. Environmentalist Rakesh Mitra and Nisha Gupta suggested that plastic bags below 50 microns should be banned due to its non-disposable nature and in its place carry bags made out of eco-friendly materials should be used.

Mission Nirmal Bangla

Mission Nirmal Bangla is a mission under West Bengal Government which aims to reduce overall mortality and morbidity rate by lessening chances of water-borne diseases. The mission also targets at bringing down the ratio of girl children dropouts from schools due to lack of proper toilet facilities. The agenda of Mission Nirmal Bangla is to make the quality of life better in villages by promoting healthy and hygienic practices. The main objective of the Mission is to convert all the villages of West Bengal into Open Defecation Free villages by October 2, 2019. Thus, through Mission Nirmal Bangla the Government of West Bengal is striving to improve the sanitation practices in the villages of West Bengal.

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