English Drama – The Proposal – HS

English Drama – The Proposal – HS English Suggestion 2023

MCQ Questions [ Mark – 1] Drama – The Proposal – Anton Chekov

1. The format of the play “The Proposal’ is

(a) tragedy (b) comedy (c) one-act play (d) farce

ans. (c) one-act play

2. “The Proposal’ is set in a

(a) farm house (b) corporate house (c) commercial house (d) country house

ans. (d) country house

3. Anton Chekhov was aan

(a) English writer (b) Russian writer (c) French writer (d) American writer .

ans. (b) Russian writer

4. Age of Chubukov is –

(a) about 70 (b) about 60 (c) about 90 (d) about 65

ans. (a) about 70

5. Chubukov doubts that Lomov has come to-

(a) buy a dog (b) borrow seeds (c) borrow threshing machine (d) borrow money

ans. (d) borrow money

6. According to Chubukov, Lomov’s father was a

(a) Thief(b) Pick-pocketer (c) Gambler(d) Drunkard

ans. (c) Gambler

7.When Lomov arrived Chubukov was surprised by his

(a) evening dress (b) impudence (c) shyness(d) palpitation

ans. (a) evening dress

8. The name of Natalya’s dog is –

(a) Mirnov (b) Ivan (c) Guess (d) Squeezer

ans. (d) Squeezer

9.What is the name of Lomov’s dog?

(a) Puppy (b) Guess (c) Bhulu (d) Squeezer

ans. (b) Guess

10.Lomov inherited his land from his

(a) father (b) father-in-law (c) uncle and aunt (d) aunt and her husband

ans. (d) aunt and her husband

11.How much did Lomov pay for his dog?

(a) 120 roubles (b) 130 roubles (c) 125 roubles(d) 140 roubles

ans. (c) 125 roubles

12. Age of Lomov is

(a) 35 years (b) 30 years (c) 28 years (d) 32 years

ans. (b) 30 years

13. What is the first argument over ?

(a) Hunting dogs (b) Land (c) Labour(d) Inheritance

ans. (b) Land

14. Natalya calls Lomov’s aunt–

(a) a witch (b) a drunkard (c) a backbiter (d) an intiguer

ans. (c) a backbiter

15. Lomov wants to marry Natalya because

(a) he loves Natalya (b) he will get a lot of land (c) Natalya loves him (d) he is already 35 and must lead a stable life

ans. (d) he is already 35 and must lead a stable life

16.Chubukov paid for his dog Squeezer

(a) 85 roubles (b) 80 roubles (c) 125 roubles (d) 90 roubles

ans. (a) 85 roubles

17. According to Lomov, Squeezer is

(a) short (b) overshot (c) old (d) useless

ans. (b) overshot

18.Natalya suffers from a physical problem, what is it?

(a) Vomitting (b) Sleeplessness (c) Hysteria (d) Dizziness

ans. (c) Hysteria

19. “I’ve had some already. Meaning of ‘had’ is

(a) Eat (b) helping verb (c) Past participle of have (d) drink

ans. (a) Eat

20.The point of argument between Natalya and Lomov is

(a) marriage (b) orchard (c) love (d) oxen meadows

ans. (d) oxen meadows

21.The value of oxen meadows is

(a) 200 roubles (b) 250 roubles (C) 300 roubles (d) 350 roubles

ans. (C) 300 roubles

22. Rouble is the

(a) French currency (b) Russian currency (c) Britain currency (d) Indian currency

ans. (b) Russian currency

23. The measurement of the oxen meadows is

(a) 12.5 acres (b) 14.5 acres (c) 13.0 acres (d) 13.5 acres

ans. (d) 13.5 acres

24.Lomov’s aunt name is –

(a) Nastasya Mihailovna (b) Natalya Stepnova (c) Natasha Mihailovna (d) Natasha Vassiliviter

ans. (a) Nastasya Mihailovna

Brod Type Question [ Marks – 6 ] Drama – The Proposal – Anton Chekov

1. Sketch the character of Natalya Stepanovna.

2. Comment on the aptness of the title of the play “The Proposal’.

3. Discuss the reasons why the marriage proposal is important to all characters.

4.Describe the Character of Chubukov as a sensible father.