Thank You Ma’am –English Prose

English Prose – Thank You Ma’am – HS English Suggestion 2023

MCQ Questions[Mark – 1] English Prose – Thank You Ma’am – Langston Hughes

1.The face of the boy in “Thank You Ma’am’ was

(a) clean (b) black (c) dirty (d) fuel with moles

ans. (c) dirty

2.The boy looked as if he were

(a) fifteen (b) fourteen or fifteen (c) fourteen(d) thirteen or fourteen

ans. (b) fourteen or fifteen

3.When Mrs. Jones was walking alone it was

(a) 12 noon (b) 10 a.m. (c) 11 p.m. (d) 11 a.m

ans. (c) 11 p.m.

4.The lady picked up the boy from the street by holding his

(a) arm(b) ear(c) wrist (d) shirt front

ans. (d) shirt front

5.Roger was afraid that he might be taken to

(a) court (b) police station (c) jail (d) office

ans. (c) jail

6.The boy lost balance and fell on

(a) the side walk (b) the railing (c) the road (d) the car

ans. (a) the side walk

7. The boy tried to snatch the pocket book because

(a) he wanted new clothes (b) he wanted to buy a pair of shoes (c) he wanted to buy food (d) he wanted to buy medicine.

ans. (b) he wanted to buy a pair of shoes

8.The cake that was offered to Roger, cost-

(a) ten cent (b) ten dollars (C) ten pound (d) seven cent

ans. (a) ten cent

9. Mrs. Jones worked at a

(a) government office (b) hotel beauty shop (c) factory (d) private sector

ans. (b) hotel beauty shop

10. Mrs. Luella Bates Washington gave Roger

(a) seven dollars (b) nine dollars (c) five dollars (d) ten dollars

ans. (d) ten dollars

Short Answer Type Question [Mark – 1] English Prose – Thank You Ma’am – Langston Hughes
1.Why did the boy try to snatch the woman’s purse?

ans. The boy tried to snatch the woman’s purse in order to buy a pair of blue suede shoes.

2.What items did Mrs. Bates give the boy to eat?

ans. Mrs. Bates gave the boy to eat lima beans, ham, cocoa and half of her ten cent cake.

3.How did Mrs. Washington take the boy home?

ans. Mrs. Washington Jones caught the boy by his neck and dragged him into the hall. 4.What did the woman offer Roger other than food?

ans. The woman offered Roger ten dollars other than food.

5.How did the boy lose his balance?

ans. The boy’s weight and the weight of the purse combined caused the boy lose his balance.

6.What did the boy want to say before leaving?

ans. The boy wanted to say, “Thank You Ma’am’ before leaving her.

7. What would the woman teach Roger if he was her son?

ans. If Roger was her son, the woman would teach him right from wrong.

8.What was the last instruction that the boy received from the woman?

ans. The last instruction that the boy received from the woman was to behave properly. 9. Why did the boy take care to sit on the far side of the room?

ans. The boy took care to sit on the far side of the room so that the woman could easily watch him, as he did not want to be mistrusted.

10.How is the boy described in the story “Thank You Ma’am’?

ans. In the story “Thank You Ma’am’ the boy is described as ‘frail’ and ‘willow-wild’.

Broad Type Questions [ Marks – 6 ] English Prose – Thank You Ma’am – Langston Hughes
1.Justify the title of the short story “Thank You Ma’am’.

2. How did the lady catch hold of the boy trying to snatch her purse? How did she bring him home?

3.“Eat some more, son”-Who is the speaker ? What is offered by the speaker to the listener ? What picture of the speaker’s character is revealed in this line?

4.Describe the character of Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones.

5.Briefly narrate the picture of the social and economic condition of the people revealed in the story, ‘Thank You Ma’am’