On Killing a Tree-English Poetry

English Poetry – On Killing a Tree – HS English Suggestion 2023

MCQ Questions[Mark – 1] Poetry – On Killing a Tree – Gieve Patel

1.To kill a tree takes

(a) much time (b) a few minutes (c) hours (d) little time

ans. (a) much time

2.The tree has grown absorbing

(a) earth’s crust (b) air and sunlight (c) sunlight only (d) water only

ans. (b) air and sunlight

3.”Miniature boughs.” The word ‘boughs’ means

(a) roots (b) stems (c) branches (d) leaves

ans. (c) branches

4.The “curled green twigs’ rise from

(a) the uprooted tree (b) the earth’s cave (c) the rough bark (d) close to the ground

ans. (b) the earth’s cave

5.The expression ‘bleeding bark’ suggests that the bark is

(a) bloodstained (b) looking bloody (c) oozing life-blood (d) secreting sap

ans. (d) secreting sap

6. The bark of the tree is leprous because

(a) it is wounded by the knife (b) it is rough and has marks (c) it is soft and smooth (d) it is glossy and shining

ans. (a) it is wounded by the knife

7.’Earth-cave’ is created when the tree is

(a) planted (b) chopped (c) hacked (d) uprooted

ans. (d) uprooted

8. “And then it is done”-The word ‘it’ refers to

(a) killing (b) twisting (c) hacking(d) chopping

ans. (a) killing

9.Out of its “leprous hide.’ “leprous hide’ means

(a) skin of a leopard (b) uneven bark of a tree (c) hide and seek (d) skin of a leprosy patient

ans. (b) uneven bark of a tree

10.The root in ‘On Killing a Tree’ is

(a) green(b) green and wet (c) white and wet (d) pale and wet

ans. (c) white and wet

Short Answer Type Question [Mark – 1] Poetry – On Killing a Tree – Gieve Patel
1.What according to Gieve Patel is “the most sensitive part of a tree?

ans. According to Gieve Patel the most sensitive part of a tree is the root.

2. How does a tree consume the earth?

ans. A tree consumes the earth, water and other nutrients with the help of roots.

3. What do you mean by ‘leprous hide’?

ans. In ‘On Killing a Tree’ ‘leprous hide’ refers to uneven and rough bark of a tree.

4. What is meant by the expression ‘Anchoring earth’?

ans. “Anchoring earth’ means to fix the root of the tree firmly inside the earth.

5.What attitude of the poet is expressed in “On Killing a Tree”?

ans. The poet expressed his heartfelt sympathy for a dying tree which is killed by cruel man.

6. “And then it is done”-What does ‘it’ refer to ?

ans. ‘It’ refers to the complete killing of a tree.

7.How do the ‘twigs’ look in “On Killing a Tree’?

ans. *Twigs’ look curled and green.

8.What scorch and choke the tree after it is pulled out?

ans. The sunrays and air scorch and choke the tree after it is pulled out.

9.What does the phrase “earth-cave’ refer to?

ans. The phrase ‘earth-cave’ refers to the cave or hole made after the root is taken out.

10.From where would the curled green twigs rise?

ans. The twigs grow from the bark of the tree.

11.What will happen once the bleeding bark heals?

ans. Once the bleeding bark heals, curled green twigs will rise from close to the ground.

Broad Type Questions [ Marks 6 ] Poetry – On Killing a Tree – Gieve Patel
1.Write the substance of the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’.

2.Justify the appropriateness of the title of the poem, ‘On Killing a Tree.’

3.“And then it is done”—What is done ? When is ‘it done ? How is ‘it’ done .