Shall I Compare Thee – HS English Suggestion

English Poetry – Shall I Compare Thee – HS English Suggestion 2023

MCQ Questions [ Mark – 1]

1.’Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?

(a) lyric (b) ballad (c) sonnet (d) dramatic monologue

ans. (c) sonnet.

2. Which month is referred to in Sonnet 18?

(a) January (b) April (c) February (d) May

ans. (d) May

3.The young person will live—

(a) as long as people read this sonnet (b) as long as eyes can see (c) as long as ears can hear (d) as long as men can breathe

ans. (a) as long as people read this sonnet.

4. “But thy eternal summer shall not fade”. The term ‘eternal summer’ refers to

(a) a day in summer (b) eternal qualities of the poet’s friend (c) the summer season (d) the eternal love of the poet. ans. (b) eternal qualities of the poet’s friend.

5.What is the form of sonnet 18?

(a) abab abcd efg efg (b) abba abba cdcd cd (c) abab cdcd efef gg (d) None of these.

ans. (a) abab abcd efg efg

6.The poet’s friend is more lovely and more–

(a) temperate (b) bright (c) attractive (d) beautiful

ans. (a) temperate

7. The darling buds of May are shaken by

(a) hot sun (b) rough winds (c) violent storm(d) frost

ans. (b) rough winds

8. “And often is his gold complexion dimmed.” The word ‘his’ refer to —

(a) summer season(b) a summer’s day (c) the poet’s friend (d) sun

ans. (d) sun

9.”So long lives this…..” The word this refers to—

(a) the virtue of the poet’s friend (b) the summer season (c) the poet’s verse (d) the summer’s day

ans. (c) the poet’s verse

10.The eye of heaven’ refers to—

(a) Sun (b) Moon (c) God (d) Star

ans. (a) Sun

Short Answer Type Question [ Mark – 1]

1.What type of poem is “Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s day?

ans. “Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer’s Day?’ is a sonnet having tree quartrains and a concluding couplet.

2.Which month is referred to in Sonnet 18?

ans. The month of May is referred to in Sonnet 18.

3. What shall death not brag in Shakespeare’s Sonnet No. 18 ?

ans. Death shall not brag that it will fade poet’s friend’s beauty.

4. What does ‘eye of heaven’ refer to?

ans. “Eye of heaven’ refers to the sun.

5 .How long will the young man be remembered in Shakespeare’s Sonnet No. 18?

ans. The young man will be remembered as long as man can breath or eyes can see. 6. How is the gold complexion of the sun dimmed?

ans. The gold complexion of the summer is dimmed by the cloud.

7. “So long lives this….” What is referred to by the word this’?

ans. “This’ referred to here is the poem of the poet.

8. Mention any one demerit of summer.

ans. One demerit of summer is that it is short-spanned.

9.What is meant by the term ‘eternal summer’?

ans. By the term ‘eternal summer’, the poet refers to his friend’s everlasting beauty and virtues.

10.Explain the line-“….Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”

Ans. The line signifies that the time alloted to the summer season is short.

Broad Type Questions [ Marks – 6]

1.How does Shakespeare compare his friends beauty with that of a summer’s day ?

2.“….. and this gives life to thee.” Where does the expression of the extract occur ?

What does this’ refer to ? Who is referred to by ‘thee’? How does ‘this’ give life?

3.How does Shakespeare immortalize his friend’s beauty?