English Poetry – The Poetry of Earth

English Poetry – The Poetry of Earth – HS English Suggestion 2023

MCQ Questions [Mark – 1] Poetry – The Poetry of Earth – John Keats

1.’The Poetry of Earth’ is

(a) a sonnet (b) an ode (c) a lyric(d) a poem

ans. (a) a sonnet

2.The song of cricket is

(a) dull (b) sweet (c) silent (d) shrill

ans. (b) sweet

3.The poetry of the earth is never dead, because-

(a) the grasshopper sings through summer (b) the cricket sings through winter (c) nature’s music can be heard through all seasons (d) none of the above

ans. (c) nature’s music can be heard through all seasons

4.The grasshopper takes the lead in

(a) spring (b) autumn (c) winter (d) summer

ans. (d) summer

5.Where does the grasshopper rest?

(a) under a log (b) inside a bark (c) under the soft woods (d) on the leaves

ans. (c) under the soft woods

6. When birds are faint with the hot sun, they rest

(a) beneath some pleasant weed (b) in cooling trees (c) in the newly plants (d) among some grassy hills

ans. (a) beneath some pleasant weed

7.The season mentioned in ‘The Poetry of Earth’ is –

(a) summer (b) winter (c) antumn (d) summar and winter

ans. d) summar and winter

8. Whose sound is heard from hedge to hedge?

(a) grasshopper (b) lamb (c) cuckoo (d) cricket

ans. (a) grasshopper

9.“From the –there shrills the cricket’s song.”

(a) cooling trees (b) stove (c) mead (d) hedge

ans. (b) stove

10.The frost has wrought

(a) increasing cold (b) delight (c) silence (d) increasing warmth

ans. (c) silence

Short Answer Type Question [ Mark – 1] Poetry – The Poetry of Earth – John Keats

1.Who is the poet of the poem, “The Poetry of Earth’?

ans. S John Keats is the poet of the poem, “The Poetry of Earth’.

2. Where do the birds take rest?

ans. The birds take rest in the cooling shade of trees.

3. Where will the voice of the grasshopper run?

ans. The voice of the grasshopper will run from hedge to hedge.

4. When does crickets sing?

ans. Crickets sing in a shrill voice in the winter evenings.

5. Where does the grasshopper rest?

ans. The grasshopper takes rest beneath some pleasant weed.

6. When will the poetry of earth end?

ans. The poetry of earth will never end.

7. Who breaks the silence of winter?

ans. The shrill voice of the cuckoo breaks the silence of winter.

8. What makes the warmth ever increasing?

ans. The warmth of the cricket’s song along with the heat from the stove makes the warmth ever increasing.

9. What does frost do to a winter evening ?

ans. Frost brings silence to a winter evening.

Broad Type Questions [ Marks – 6 ] Poetry – The Poetry of Earth – John Keats

1. Write the substance of the poem ‘The Poetry of Earth.’

2.How does the poet establish continuity of music of earth through the year?

3.”A voice will run”- Where does the line occur ? Whose voice is referred to here? When will the voice run ?