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Names for baby animals can be    silly, sweet, and strange. One of       the most common baby animal names is a cub, which can be the name of a baby bear, tiger, or even panda. Calves are the baby animal names to many as well, like baby cows or giraffes.

Beyond just a couple of well-known species, many names for baby animals go unnoticed, and most people tend to call them by their adult counterparty’s name. Such as “baby crocodile” although the correct term would be hatchling.

Here are the names of 52 cute baby animals-

1) Baby Cat: Kitten

2) Baby Goat: The baby of a goat is called a kid.

3) Baby Bear : A baby bear is called a cub.

4) Baby Chicken: Chick

5) Baby Cow: Calf

6) Baby Giraffe: Calf

7) Baby Rabbit: Bunny

8) Baby Horse: Foal

9) Baby Tiger: Cub

10) Baby Fox: Kit

11) Baby Dog: Puppy

12) Baby Goose: Gosling

13) Baby Kangaroo: Joey

14) Baby Sheep: Lamb

15) Baby Platypus: Platypup

16) Baby Pig: Piglet

17) Baby Swan: Cygnet

18) Baby Jellyfish: Ephyna

19) Baby Hummingbird: Chick

20) Baby Mole: Pup

21) Baby Moose: Calf

22) Baby Elephant: Calf

23) Baby Koala: Joey

24) Baby Otter: Pup

25) Baby Baboon: Infant

26) Baby Turkey: Poult

27) Baby Toad: Tadpole

28) Baby Hedgehog: Piglet

29) Baby Monkey: Infant

30) Baby Mouse: Pinkie

31) Baby Penguin: Chick

32) Baby Rat: Pup

33) Baby Mosquito: Tumbler

34) Baby Hippopotamus: Calf

35) Baby Pigeon: Squab

36) Baby Ape: Baby

37) Baby Bat: Pup

38) Baby Snake: Snakelet

39) Baby Deer: Fawn

40) Baby Bird: Hatchling

41) Baby Camel: Calf

42) Baby Butterfly: Caterpillar

43) Baby Crocodile: Hatchling

44) Baby Eagle: Eaglet

45) Baby Fish: Fry

46) Baby Owl: Owlet

47) Baby Oyster: Spat

48) Baby Panda: Cub

49) Baby Spider: Spiderling

50) Baby Fly: Maggot

51) Baby Grasshopper: Nymph

52) Baby Ferret: Kit

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