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In Mathematics, teaching and teaching techniques are such aids which are used to make the lesson interesting, to explain the content and remember it by heart during teaching-learning process.

Techniques are not directly linked with the teaching objectives, but they are linked with teaching methods while methods are directly linked with teaching objectives. On the other hand, teaching strategies are purposefully conceived and determines plans of action. Thus, teaching or instructional strategies refer to a pattern of teaching acts that serve to attain certain outcomes and to guard against others.

Various strategies and techniques of teaching Mathematics :

  • 1. Drill work
  • 2. Homework/Home assignment
  • 3. Oral work
  • 4. Written work
  • 5. Group work
  • 6. Self study
  • 8. Review
  • 7. Supervised study
  • 9. Assignment
  • 10. Brain storming

Drill in Mathematics :

Drill work is one of the most important thing in teaching of Mathematics. Drill and exercises occupy an important place in Mathematics teaching and learning. Drill work is based on the psychological principles such as learning by doing and law of exercise.It affords a convenient and fairly efficient medium for the rapid memorisation of details and the automatisation of processes. Drill must be recognised as an essential means of attaining some of the desired controls, just as a strong emphasis upon concepts and meanings must be regarded as essential for understanding. Both are necessary and neither alone is sufficient.Drill provides an opportunity of self learning and improvement.The speed and accuracy in Mathematics cannot be possible without drill work.

How to Make Drill Effective

Following points should be considered to make drill effective

  • 1. Drill exercises should be conducted in such a manner that Pupils can work at different rates and at different levels according to their abilities.
  • 2. Drill exercises should be brief and distributed over a period of time.
  • 3. Drill should consists of several distinct activities involving different strategies of learning.
  • 4. Variety of problems will make the drill interesting.
  • 5. The drill work should be progressively more challenging.

Advantages of Drill Work

There are some advantages of drill work which are as follows—

  • 1. Learnt material can be retained for a longer time.
  • 2. It is a good technique of learning for beginners.
  • 3. Speed of the learning material can be adjusted according to need. Accuracy of learnt material can be improved.
  • 4. Memory of the child can be checked.

Disadvantages of Drill Work

There are some disadvantages of drill work also which are as follows

  • 1.It is not suitable for all topics. Drill work creates disturbance in other classes.
  • 2. It is not effective without good and clear voice. Sometimes drill becomes an exercise in academic futility.
  • 3. Careful questioning by the teacher is usually needed in drill work.
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