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Information Technology | Meaning of Information Technology |Important Features of Information Technology |

Advantage & Disadvantage Of Information Technology |Information Technology Act, 2000|

21st century has come to be known as the era of Information Technology; it is the key driver of economic growth of not only a nation, but rather the whole world.

The growth and progress of every sector of the country today depends on the level of Information Technology.

Furthermore, technology is not important only at the work place, but also in our everyday life; whether it is working with the microwave oven which is a cooking appliance or a super computer, an appliance is based on information technology, technology helps everywhere.

From hi-tech industry to an education system, Information Technology footprints can be seen everywhere.

Likewise, Information Technology is one of the essential features for the overall development of a country.

Meaning of Information Technology:

The technology, which is exclusively designed to store, process, and transmit information, is known as Information Technology.

The following diagram illustrates the basic features and applications of Information Technology −

Description: Information Technology Features

Though the diagram given above is not inclusive, as it does not include every aspect and application of information technology, but it comprehensively covers the major aspects.

Important Features of Information Technology

Following are the major features as well as advantages of Information Technology −

  • The development of Information Technology has made education system simpler, easier, and widespread. Now, people of remote areas can also use technology for their children’s education and also avail the benefits of adult education.
  • Diffusion of e-governance on a large scale.
  • Participation of public in governance and policy making.
  • Fast economic development.
  • Development of remote areas.
  • Technology helps the police in nabbing the criminals.
  • The judiciary and other administrative services can also take the help of technology to make work easier and faster.
  • Highly beneficial for the common people, as they can access their rights and can take legal action against the person who violates his/her rights.
  • It increases the happiness and prosperity of not only an individual, but rather the society as a whole.

Besides, there are many other advantages too that can be availed in our everyday life only with the further development of information technology.

Demerits of Information Technology
Information Technology is like a boon on the society. However, it comes with its own disadvantages −

  • As discussed above, with the help of technology, police can arrest criminals and criminal activities; at the same time, technology has also opened the door for criminals as well to practice smart criminal activity.
  • There are chances that children can misuse technology and take a wrong path.
  • Some distorted and perverted minds use technology to demean or defame someone unethically and also illegally.
  • These are basically not demerits but rather the misuse of technology.

Information Technology Act, 2000

By understanding the growing demand and applications of Information Technology, the Government of India passed the bill of Information Technology in 2000, which came to be known as the Information Technology Act, 2000.

The major features of the Act are −

  • It facilitates e-governance and e-commerce by providing equal legal treatment to users.
  • It made provision to accept electronic records and digital signature.
  • It gave legal approval to electronic business transactions.
  • The Act instructs banks to maintain electronic record and facilitate electronic fund transfer.
  • It also sets up a Cyber Law Appellate Tribunal.
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