Story Writing Practice| Madhyamik English

A) Write a story using following points and add a suitable title.

Points: Holding a piece of meat in its mouth a dog wanted to eat in a quiet place- it had to cross a stream it saw its own reflection – it thought another dog with the same piece of meat-the dog wanted to get it-it barked-the piece of meat fell into water.



Once upon a time there was a greedy dog. One day he stole a piece of meat out of a butcher’s shop. He wanted to eat it in a quiet and safe place without interruption. He came to a clear stream. There was a narrow wooden bridge over the stream. While crossing the stream across the bridge, he looked below and saw his own reflection in the water. He took it for another dog with a piece of meat in its mouth. Being a greedy dog, he made up his mind to get that piece too. He opened his mouth snarl and made a grasp for the other dog’s meat. And down fell his own piece of meat into the water and was lost.

Moral: Grasp all, lose all

B) Write a story using following points and add a suitable title.

Points: A hungry lion-a well-fed ass at a distance-a cock warns the ass with a loud call-the lion runs away the ass proud runs after the lion-the lion turns back-the ass meets its fate.



One day a hungry lion was finding food when it saw a well-fed ass at a distance.The ass was grazing on the open ground. It did not realise the presence of the lion.

However, a cock who was pecking near the ass, saw the lion and crowed loudly to warn the ass. The lion sensing that it was spotted ran away.

The foolish and proud ass thought that the lion had run away being afraid of him.The vain ass ran after the lion.The lion who was lying close by turned back on the ass, Dounced on it and killed it

Moral: As you sow so shall you reap.

C) Write a story using following points and add a suitable title.

Points: King Bruce of Scotland defeated in several battles-refuge in a cave-saw a spider trying to reach the ceiling-the spider went up a few yards and then fell down – nine times-succeeded-encouraged the king- tried again-won the war.



Long ago, there was a brave king in Scotland, whose name was Robert Bruce. Once a mighty enemy attacked his kingdom. He fought bravely, but was defeated in battle after battle. He at last took refuge in a cave in a far away land. The king was bewildered in the maze of many thoughts. Suddenly he noticed a huge spider in that cave. It was trying to reach the ceiling for making a cobweb. Bruce saw it going up a few feet and then falling down. This happened nine times. At the tenth attempt the spider succeeded in reaching its goal. The king learnt a lesson from the spider. He gave up despair and came back to his people. At last he won the battle and got back his kingdom.

Moral: Preseverance is the key to success Or, Preseverance is the mother of success.

D) Write a story using following points and add a suitable title.

Points: A saint saved a weak mouse a cat came the saint turned it into a cat-a dog came the.saint turned the cat into dog-a tiger came he turned the dog into a tiger-the tiger thought of killing the saint-the saint turned it into a mouse.



There once lived a saint in a dense forest. One day he saw a poor weak mouse. He took pity on it and fed it well. A cat soon came and the mouse was very much afraid of it. So the saint turned the mouse into a cat. But soon a dog came there and then the saint turned the cat into a dog. The saint and began to live quite happily. Unfortunately one day a fierce tiger came near the hut. The dog, seeing the tiger was trembling with fear. The saint took pity on the dog. Then the saint turned the dog into a tiger. The tiger was now very happy. He had now no fear from any other animal. One day he forget his past and the kindness of the saint and thought of killing the saint. He wanted to eat the flesh of the saint. Understanding this the saint turned the tiger into a mouse.

Moral: One should not help the ungrateful.

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