Process Writing : Madhyamik English Writing

1. Write a paragraph on how to prepare mango pickle, using following chart.

[Buying mangoes → sorting removing rotten ones → cleaning cutting into pieces → adding spices, salt, mustard oil and chilly→ mixing →keeping in a big flat pot in the sun→Pouring into jars.]


For preparation of mango pickle at first mangoes are bought from the market. Then they are sorted and rotten ones are removed. Then the mangoes are cleaned. Next they are cut into pieces. After that spices, salt, mustard oil are mixed with them. Later they are kept in a big flat pot in the sun. Finally mango pickle is poured into jars.

2. Write a paragraph on how newspapers are produced, using following chart.

[Press reporters collect news to press photographers take pictures → News sorted and edited →Types set in machines → paper rolls inserted → news printed → folded and cut →→ newspapers ready for distribution →→ delivered home.]



Newspaper, one of the most influential massmedia of our age, is produced through a complex
procedure. At first pieces of news are collected by the press reporters from different sources and pictures are taken by the press photo graphers. Later they are sorted out under different heads and edited. At the same time photographs are chosen. Next types are set in machines and when the machines start moving paper rolls are inserted in them. The selected matter gets
printed in this way. After printing, newspapers are cut in required sizes and folded. At this stage news- papers are ready for distribution. Finally, these newspapers are delivered to the subscribers at home through the hawkers.

3. Write a paragraph on how to make ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution), using following chart.

[Wash hands, pots, spoons, glass boil one litre water in pot cool → add six level teaspons of sugar + half teaspoon of common salt → stir well →ready]



Oral rehydration mixture is useful for maintaining balance of water in the body. For preparing oral rehydration mixture hands are at first washed clean. Then pots, spoons and glass are collected for preparing the mixture. Next one litre of water is boiled in the pot. After that water is cooled and six level teaspoons of common salt are added with it. The mixture is stired well with spoon. In this way oral rehydration mixture is made ready finally.

4. Write a paragraph on how to bread is made, using following chart.

[Flour-salt-yeast-water weighed → mixed up → dough prepared → cut into one pound pieces → rolled and shaped → baked for 20-30 minutes → sliced wrapped in paper → ready for the market.]


Bread is prepared from four main ingredients. There are flour, salt, yeast and water. At first all these things are weighed and then mixed to prepare a dough. Then the dough is cut into one pound pieces which are then rolled and shaped. After that they are baked for 20-30 minutes in an oven. After this they are sliced and wrapped in papers. Finally the bread is ready for the

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